Stormchase USA 2011

"You say you saw it comin' yeah - but still you did not flee" (Intro)

Daily Rating:

1 = no significant weather spottet - nicht viel Wetter gesehen
2 = well, it was rather interesting, weatherwise - war wettermässig doch ganz interessant
3 = a very good day with tons of thunder/hail/lightning - ein sehr guter Tag mit viel Gewitter/Blitz/Hagel-Action
4 = extreme severe weather/rotating supercells/big hail spotted - extreme Entwicklungen/Rotationen/Grosshagel gesehen
5 = well developed tornado or giant hail spotted - gut ausgebildeten Tornado/Riesenhagel gesehen

07.05.2011 Zürich CH - Dallas TX - Denton TX: Flight to Dallas, entry, rental car

08.05.2011 Denton TX - Bridgeport TX: Already thunder and small hail at Texas dryline

09.05.2011 Bridgeport TX - San Saba TX: No storms, only some weak showers

10.05.2011 San Saba TX - Waukomis OK: Sightseeing drive north along tornado alley

11.05.2011 Waukomis OK - Norton KS: Dustdevil, cloud towers and heavy evening downpour

12.05.2011 Norton KS - Syracuse NE: Strong storms with big hail along cold front

13.05.2011 Syracuse NE - Pinckneyville IL: Follow the cold front east, some structure

14.05.2011 Pinckneyville IL - Helena, MO: Flooded Mississippi, abandoned Cairo, wet Memphis

15.05.2011 Helena MO - Minden LA: Mississippi dams, flooded casinos, back west

16.05.2011 Minden LA - Seymour TX: Museum, planetarium and IMAX tornado in Fort Worth

17.05.2011 Seymour TX - Perryton TX: Dust devils in Estelline, cap too strong

18.05.2011 Perryton TX - Burlington CO: Circum horizontal arc, great supercell in Colorado

19.05.2011 Burlington CO - Abilene KS: From cold fog on I-70 to supercell and flash flood

20.05.2011 Abilene KS - Kingman KS: First weak storms, then photogenic cell in evening

21.05.2011 Kingman KS - Lawrence KS: Spectacular supercell over Topeka, tornado at dusk

22.05.2011 Lawrence KS - Tulsa OK: Close to bad storms in Joplin and flash flood south of it

23.05.2011 Tulsa OK - Oklahoma City OK: Good storm structures, core punch in Kingfisher

24.05.2011 Oklahoma City OK - Denton TX: High risk tornado Canton, damage near Guthrie

25.05.2011 Denton TX - Dallas TX - Zürich CH: Flight via London back home

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