Stormchase USA 2012

"The wheel is turning" (Intro)

Daily Rating:

1 = no significant weather spottet - nicht viel Wetter gesehen
2 = well, it was rather interesting, weatherwise - war wettermässig doch ganz interessant
3 = a very good day with tons of thunder/hail/lightning - ein sehr guter Tag mit viel Gewitter/Blitz/Hagel-Action
4 = extreme severe weather/rotating supercells/big hail spotted - extreme Entwicklungen/Rotationen/Grosshagel gesehen
5 = well developed tornado or giant hail spotted - gut ausgebildeten Tornado/Riesenhagel gesehen

11.05.2012 Zürich CH - London UK - Dallas TX: Flight via London to Dallas, entry, rental car

12.05.2012 Dallas, TX - Roswell, NM: Long drive west, moderate but beautiful welcome storm cell

13.05.2012 Roswell, NM - Carslbad NM: Tracked a thunderstorm coming from the mountains

14.05.2012 Carlsbad NM - Alpine TX: Long drive through Trans Pecos, storm and hail fest at Big Bend

15.05.2012 Alpine TX - Socorro NM: Fixed tyre, then dust devils along road back north

16.05.2012 Socorro NM - Santa Fe NM: Very Large Array Telescope, meet German chase friends

17.05.2012 Santa Fe NM - Garden City KS: Air mass recovers, first storms in Kansas

18.05.2012 Garden City KS - Lakin KS: Warm advection, down day in Kansas

19.05.2012 Lakin KS - Kingman KS: Hail covered roads, blowing dust, missed Rago landspout outbreak

20.05.2012 Kingman KS - Aspermont TX: Big hail in Guthrie, great partial Texan solar eclipse

21.05.2012 Aspermont TX - Elkhart KS: Mountains, evening light storms, missed mothership at Adrian

22.05.2012 Elkhart KS - Ness City KS: Weak but very electric storms at Boise City

23.05.2012 Ness City KS - Gretna NE: Tracked some almost supercells in Nebraska

24.05.2012 Gretna NE - Mauston WI: Followed low end severe weather all the way up to Wisconsin

25.05.2012 Mauston WI - Russel KS: Heck of a drive back to Kansas, tornado near Russel!

26.05.2012 Russel KS - Ness City KS - Russel KS: 80 mph dust storm and evening lightning

27.05.2012 Russel KS - Salina KS: Many many storms up to Nebraska and back

28.05.2012 Salina KS - Dallas TX - Zürich CH: Travel to DFW airport and back to Swizerland

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