Welcome to the storm chase blog of Markus Pfister, Gregory Käser and Dominic Blaser!
After the break last year we have decided to go on another storm hunt, this time the three of us.
We plan to spend three weeks in Tornado Alley this May, preferably the ones with the nastiest weather.
On this blog, we will report daily, on some occasions live from our tour, trying to make you feel part of it.

Herzlich Willkommen auf dem Stormchase USA blog von Markus Pfister, Gregory Käser und Dominic Blaser!
Nach der Pause im letzten Jahr haben wir uns entschieden, wieder einmal auf Sturmjagd zu gehen, diesmal zu dritt.
Wir planen drei Wochen in der Tornado Alley zu verweilen, am besten die 3 Wochen mit dem schlechtesten Wetter!!!
Wir werden hier täglich, zeitweise auch live von der Tour berichten, um Euch, liebe Leser, am Abenteuer zu beteiligen.

Daily Rating:

1 = no significant weather spottet - nicht viel Wetter gesehen
2 = well, it was rather interesting, weatherwise - war wettermässig doch ganz interessant
3 = a very good day with tons of thunder/hail/lightning - ein sehr guter Tag mit viel Gewitter/Blitz/Hagel-Action
4 = extreme severe weather/rotating supercells/big hail spotted - extreme Entwicklungen/Rotationen/Grosshagel gesehen
5 = well developed tornado or giant hail spotted - gut ausgebildeten Tornado/Riesenhagel gesehen

06.05.2015 Zürich - Dallas TX: Travel into Tornado Alley

07.05.2015 Denton, TX - Wichita Falls, TX: First chasing of storms south of Red River

08.05.2015 Wichita Falls, TX - Ardmore, OK: Very active thunderstorm at Red River

09.05.2015 Ardmore, OK - Eastland, TX: Violent tornado south of Cisco

10.05.2015 Eastland, TX - Burnet, TX: Poorly structured HP lightning monster

11.05.2015 Burnet, TX - Carrizo Springs, TX: More thunder and lightning in the south

12.05.2015 Carrizo Springs, TX - Eagle Pass, TX: Quiet day, repositioning to Rio Grande

13.05.2015 Eagle Pass, TX - Sonora, TX: Lightning in the morning and evening, dirty short cut

14.05.2015 Sonora, TX - Hereford, TX: Low end severe but beautiful storms in western Texas

15.05.2015 Hereford, TX - Burlington, KS: Long drive north to Nebraska, average storms

16.05.2015 Burlington, KS - El Reno, OK: Morning convection messes with our I-70 target

17.05.2015 El Reno, OK - Lamesa, TX: Relaxed drive southwest towards Pecos area

18.05.2015 Lames, TX - Odessa, TX: Great chase of Pecos supercell

19.05.2015 Odessa, TX - Snyder, TX: Bust at triple point feature in north Texas

20.05.2015 Snyder, TX - Fort Stockton, TX: Cold front triggers storms which are not visible

21.05.2015 Fort Stockton - Alamogordo, NM: Photogenic storm at White Sands

22.05.2015 Alamogordo, NM - Roswell, NM: Ufo sight seeing and late night thunderstorm

23.05.2015 Roswell, NM - Abilene, TX: Linear storms produce red dust and shelf cloud

24.05.2015 Abilene, TX - Merkel, TX: Cumulus cloud that fights against dry air

25.05.2015 Merkel, TX - Corsicana, TX: Riding a line of storms from early on

26.05.2015 Corsicana, TX - Stephenville, TX: Got on a rotating high precip monster storm

27.05.2015 Stephenville, TX - Merkel, TX: Stay south on other storms, miss tornadoes further north

28.05.2015 Merkel, TX - Dublin, TX: Last great storm that gets undercut by cold air too fast

29.05.2015 Dublin, TX - Dallas, TX: Sight seeing in Dallas, tomorrow heading home to Switzerland

30.05.2015 Dallas, TX - Zirich, Switzerland: Arrived home after one bumpy and one quiet flight

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