Welcome to the stormchase USA blog 2022 of Markus Pfister & Gregory Käser!

11.05.2022 Zürich - Denton, TX: Travel into Tornado Alley
12.05.2022 Denton, TX - Great Bend, KS: Very nice low end severe storms near Hays, KS
13.05.2022 Great Bend, KS - Woodward, OK: Incredible LP super cell south of Anthony, KS
14.05.2022 Woodward, OK - north and back: Tracked great, photogenic storm
15.05.2022 Woodward, OK - Wichita Falls, TX: East, then south with a zone of weather action
16.05.2022 Wichita Falls - Plainview, TX: No extremes, but pure High Plains magic
17.05.2022 Plainview, TX - Medicine Lodge, KS: Not much weather for us this time
18.05.2022 Medicine Lodge - Liberal, KS: Great, solid storms with hail and Haboob
19.05.2022 Liberal, KS - Lawton, OK: No northern Iowa for us today, down day
20.05.2022 Lawton, OK- Bowie, TX: Promising clouds along the cold front did not make it
21.05.2022 Bowie, TX - Hondo, TX: Got some real Texan beauty storm
22.05.2022 Hondo, TX - Port Aransas, TX: Staying close to (and in) Gulf of Mexico
23.05.2022 Port Aransas, TX - Zapata, TX: Heavy storms with lightning and flash flood
24.05.2022 Zapata, TX - Brady, TX: Another great round of severe weather action
25.05.2022 Brady, TX - Dalhart, TX: Cool, sunny, quiet weather on our drive north
26.05.2022 Dalhart, TX - Colorado Springs, CO: Still sunny. Visiting Colorado mountains
27.05.2022 Colorado Springs, CO - Keystone, SD: Great lands of Nebraska and South Dakota
28.05.2022 Keystone, SD - Winner, SD: Fantastic weather day for us
29.05.2022 Winner, SD - Yankton, SD: Strong Nebraska supercell storm
30.05.2022 Yankton, SD - Wichita, KS: Very beautiful Kansas supercell
31.05.2022 Wichita, KS - Vernon, TX: Another round of severe weather in TX panhandle
01.06.2022 Vernon, TX - Big Spring, TX: Strong supercells eastern NM/western TX

Daily Rating, number of wallies:

1 = no significant weather spottet - nicht viel Wetter gesehen
2 = well, it was rather interesting, weatherwise - war wettermässig doch ganz interessant
3 = a very good day with tons of thunder/hail/lightning - ein sehr guter Tag mit viel Gewitter/Blitz/Hagel-Action
4 = extreme severe weather/rotating supercells/big hail - extreme Entwicklungen/Rotationen/Grosshagel gesehen
5 = well developed tornado or giant hail spotted - gut ausgebildeten Tornado/Riesenhagel gesehen

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